Terms and Conditions

The full terms and conditions for Jo’s Bespoke Cakes are detailed below. By paying a deposit, 
you’re accepting these terms and understand they will be applied to your order.

Weddings: We highly recommend you check your wedding insurance covers cake damage.

Orders: It is your responsibility to read, check and sign the quote thoroughly, and add any amendments 
to be made in writing. Each and every cake is made individually by hand and we like to ensure every cake 
is one of a kind and unique, therefore if you have an exact design in mind, please be aware that slight 
changes might be made to ensure it does not copy any other cake maker’s work.

Allergies and Special Diets: Please be aware that your cake may not include Gluten/Egg/Alcohol/Nuts etc.
but they are still used on premises they still may contain traces of such ingredients.

Transporting Your Cake: As cakes are very delicate and fragile, we recommend if transporting by car, 
that the cake should be placed on a flat surface, to prevent the cake sliding off its board. 
NEVER put a cake on a seat as this can be extremely unsafe and result in the cake sliding off onto the floor, 
if you needed to brake suddenly. The front passenger foot well or a flat car boot is the safest place, 
or if you’re traveling with a passenger, on their knee.

Storage: Cakes must NOT be refrigerated. This will accelerate the staling of the flour and effect the 
icing condition, and will alter the taste. Keep in a dry cool room is the cake box and eat within 10 days. 
Cakes can be frozen and kept up to 3 months.

Damages: Please remember cakes and their decorations are very delicate and fragile. We cannot accept 
any responsibility for any damage that is done after it has left our possession. If any repair is required, 
you can request a repair, which will be priced accordingly, including travel costs if needed.

Non-Edible Items: Most cakes include and contain small inedible items. It is your responsibility to remove 
these prior to cutting and serving your cake. These items include, support dowels, ribbons, diamante 
mesh bands, wires, flower picks and flower tape plus more. You will be notified of each inedible items on 
your cake on delivery/collection and will be noted on your Cake Information Sheet.